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The story “Reuversweerd” is fiction, but it is inspired by the abandoned mansion that was owned during world war II by a Dutch Baron. The baron was tragically executed by the Nazi’s near the end of the war. The mansion is commonly called Castle Reuversweerd although it is not a castle in the strict sense of the word as there are no battlements, towers, not even a mote or draw bridge to protect the main entrance. The name Reuversweerd fits well though as this mansion stands majestically along the banks of the river Weerd. After the baron’s execution, his wife, the baroness Theadora had the mansion closed and boarded up, never to be entered again. Over time this home did develop a reputation for being haunted. There may be a few places where facts from the castles’ history will be inserted into the story, but only where such facts serve the purpose of helping to set the mood or build suspense. I find that the little factual information available to me is in a sense sadly romantic and perfect for the setting of a supernatural horror story. After studying copies of several photographs of the house from different angles I will certainly use them as inspiration for my descriptions of the castle, however I will not limit myself to those photographs. I have no photographs of the interior of the castle so the descriptions of the rooms the castles’ layout and condition will all come from other sources and of course my imagination. I am drawn to photographs of old abandoned buildings. I find them to be sadly romantic indicating our loss of generations past. One day a photograph of Castle Reuversweerd posted in Pinterest titled The Haunted Castle Reuversweerd by Tokek Belanda was in my in-box along with a brief history. I was hooked. I knew that at some point in time I would write a supernatural horror story using Castle Reuversweerd as my inspiration. So although The haunting of Reuversweerd is fiction and is not to be confused with historical fact, it is my firm belief that at times truth is best told as fiction.

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Lewis Stanek was born in Elmhurst, Illinois on March 9th, 1954. He spent his childhood growing up in the western suburbs of Chicago. When he turned eighteen years old he enlisted in the United States Air Force, he was assigned to the 3rd Combat Communications Group, and he is a Vietnam era veteran. After his discharge from the Air Force he attended the College of Dupage and completed an Associate in Science degree. He then attended Chicago State University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree, and much later he earned a Master of Religious Studies degree from Nations University. Lewis met his wife Mary Diane in August of 1984 and after a whirlwind romance they were married in November of 1985. He is a professed member of the Society of the Cross, and a member of the Order of Centurions. He has long held an interest in the supernatural and in writing horror fiction. Lewis currently lives in Dixon, Illinois with his wife Mary and three of his four children Melissa, Christian, and Zoe. Lewis' eldest son El'Ahrai lives in Woodridge, Illinois with his wife Kathy and their daughter Maggy.
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